Pretty Miheeka follow footsteps of her Mother..

Miheeka Baja Bunty Bajaj
Miheeka Baja Bunty Bajaj

Miheeka Bajaj, The love of Rana Daggubati .

Miheeka is an independent women, who follow footsteps of her mother Bunty Bajaj. Miheeka completed her Master in London. Born in Hyderabad and established her own Interior designing business in Mumbai.

Bunty is the founder of designer jewelry store Krsala. This is the best designer store for weddings in India. Bunty Bajaj had a very good travel history as she was a frequent traveler all along the world with her father.  Bunty who was married to Suresh Bajaj has two children named Miheeka and Samrath Bajaj.

Miheeka Bajaj at her brother’s wedding with her brother Samrath Bajaja and Mother Bunty Bajaj

Miheeka’s brother Samrath Bajaj, owns ‘House of Stars’ in Mumbai. This is the first park for bollywood celebrities in India. Surprising fact is that Miheeka is the interior designer for House of Stars.

Miheeka follow her mother and always walk on her path which lead her to success.

Isn’t Bunty Bajaj a successful women with successful business and children….

No surprise!! Rana Daggubati should be excited for getting a ‘YES’ from Miheeka.


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