Spraying Disinfectants poses health risk :WHO

Spraying Disinfectants poses health risk WHO
Spraying Disinfectants poses health risk WHO

Gevena : Spraying disinfectant on roads to kill coronavirus, this may not kill corona and might develop health risk, WHO warned.

As spraying chemicals on streets and roads cover all surfaces for the duration of the required contact time needed to inactivate pathogens.

WHO said, Pavements and roads are not the reservoirs of COVID-19. These disinfectant chemicals might harm human health more than corona virus do.

Spraying Chlorine or some other toxic chemicals on people can cause eye and skin irritation and also gastrointestinal problems.

3,00,000 died of COVID-19 . There is no proper information on how many days does the coronavirus stay on types of surfaces. 

Now WHO warns not to spray chemicals to kill coronavirus.


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