Kajal’s squeezing scene was removed

Kajal Aggarwal’s squeezing scene was removed
Kajal Aggarwal’s squeezing scene was removed

Remember ‘Paris Paris’ , which is a remake of Kangana Ranaut’s Queen. To say this is the most awaited film of Kajal Agarwal.

For Tamil Version of Paris Paris censor board issued almost 25 cuts. Tamil version producer heroin Parul Yadav left in shock with cuts. Tamil Version is a scene to scene copy of original version ‘Queen’. Censor board is very disappointed with the scene where Elli Avram sqeezes Kajal’s breast. Censor asked to cut the complete scene.

Tamil censor board also asked to cut Elli Avram’s role as they don’t want a girl cleavage to be shown for a long time on screen.


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