Eating more because of your Stress, Here is the solution

How to overcome stress eating
How to overcome stress eating

Many of us, when they are emotionally drained out will substitute it with food. It’s just that you want to keep something in your stomach at that time. It only makes you relieved from stress, but also will make you gain weight and can lead you to face many issues.

When your emotion triggers once in a while, that will be fine but if that becomes habitual, there comes the main problem.  Eating at times of stress will definitely make you feel stress relieved but that is not the solution. To get rid of this, accommodate your selves with some other activity like running, swimming, Gardening, Dancing some other way than eating. Just feel that, it’s your free time and start enjoying it.

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Go get some proper sleep. With sleeplessness you are not only going to be tired but also moody and tempered. Stay hydrated , keep drinking water all the time. 

All this makes you relieved from stress and keeps you active throughout the day.


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