About New Whatsapp Policy 2021

Whatsapp Privacy Policy 2021 updates
Whatsapp Privacy Policy 2021 updates

WhatsApp privacy policy 2021 : There is nothing free in the APP world, it’s all about “how they make money!”. Of all the instant messengers, WhatsApp had the simplest and best way of functioning.

It was expected that  they might ask for money someday. Rather than collecting money from end users, they are going to sell end user data thru their new WhatsApp’s privacy policy 2021. Data that whatsapp is going to collect from your phone –

The Data will be collected from whatsapp from your phone is as follows.

After the key updates brought in from whatsapp these are the data that will be collected from your phone.

After knowing all this information, You still feel like using whatsapp?

Let’s have a look at what Whatsapp is going to collect of your Phone model, OS, Battery status, Signal Strength, Time Zone, IP Address, Whatsapp usage, Profile pictures, About information, Status updates, Group Details and Payments and Transactions.

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Whatsapp is going to have complete access on your mobile phone. The changes are going to be implemented from February 8th and people who are using whatsapp have already accepted the privacy policies on New year eve.

How does this data help Facebook ?
For example, if you are chatting or in whatsapp call with your friend about purchasing a new Car or mobile phone then you suddenly start seeing the same ads in your mobile apps such as FB,Instagram, web pages and YouTube.

So which chatting App is safe ?
As of now Elon musk suggests “signal” . Try out!


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