Arjun Tendulkar to play in next IPL

Arjun Tendulkar IPL 2021 Mumbai Indians
Arjun Tendulkar IPL 2021 Mumbai Indians

Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun Tendulkar will play in the next IPL 2021 for Mumbai Indians. 

Even though his performance was weak, Arjun Tendulkar being the son of legendary cricketer Sanchin Tendulkar it became very easy for him to get placed in next IPL 2021. 

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Earlier Mohammed Azharuddin’s son was also placed in Hyderabad‘s team even with bad performance. 

Mumbai Indians announced the list of Syed Mustaq Ali trophy and Arjun Tendulkar was listed along with the other 22 cricketers. It’s a known fact that even with the worst performance Arjun Tendulkar will be placed in the Mumbai team.


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