Mantralayam Mutt Lands sale on hold

Mantralayam Mutt Lands sale on hold
Mantralayam Mutt Lands sale on hold

Recently Andhra Pradesh government has taken a decision to sell the lands of Mantralayam, which are in Telangana. As in many places false encroachments have been made and for few lands false documents have been created to turn them into private properties. By considering all this AP government decided to sell the lands in Telangana state as they cant save them in other states. 

Mantralayam Mutt has over 1,870 acres in Telangana out of 5192 acres of land. The Government decided to sell 208 acres out of 1870 acres. BJP strongly opposed selling the lands, as the lands are donated by the devotees and saying that those can’t be turned out as private properties. 

Somehow Andhra Pradesh government considered BJP’s condemns and for now selling Mantralaya mutt lands has been kept on hold. 


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