Middle Class Melodies : Definitely Avoidable

Middle Class Melodies Review
Middle Class Melodies Review

Anand Deverakonda’s second film Middle Class Melodies released today in Amazon prime. Let’s take a look at Middle Class Melodies Review.

Story : Anand Deverakonda (Raghava) has a dream to open Tiffin center in Guntur which is 17km away from his village Kolakaluru. When he started his preparation to shift from village the real hurdles started over. Movie first 30mins turned out to be unbearable and definitely if released in theaters the audience might have walked out of the movie.

The story is all about how Raghava started his Tiffin center in Guntur and how his small town experiences turned him successful, definitely not worth a watch movie.

Analysis : Director Vinod Anantoju missed the logic that hero should not talk in Telangana accent.

Varsha Bollamma ( sandhya) is good and adopted her role. Sandhya’s character doesn’t have much scope for performance and no love scenes, which might disappoint youngsters.

Chaitanya, Raghava’s friend, got a meaty role and more screen space than the main lead of the film. His love track is not good and looks like a filler.

Goparaju as Raghava’s father gave the best performance, Can see middle class and calculated father in Goaparaju character.

Director’s presence at presenting Father – son relation is good and sensitive.

First half leaves expectations for the second half as no one can ever expect a flat movie like Middle class melodies from Vijay Deverakonda’s brother. Second half is also more flat than the first half and disappoints. At times you feel bored and try fast forward.

Performance : Anand Deverakonda is good as Raghava and far better than his first movie. His voice is the same like Vijay Deverakonda’s which can surely impact his career. Better Anand try to change his slang. Varsha did her part good. Goparaju is the show stealer and turned as father completely.

The script might have been much better and the chemistry between the lead is good. More love scenes and emotional bonding between the lead pair might have helped the movie.

Bhavya creations production is the asset for the movie. Music is good and songs are also average.

Positives :

  • Goparaju as Raghava father
  • Production Values
  • Cinematography.

Negatives :

  • Anand Deverakonda telangana slang
  • Middle class emotions.
  • Lack of love track between the lead pair.

Verdict : strictly for OTT release. A story of a tasty Bombay Chutney.

Telugu Front Middle Class Melodies Review Rating : 1.5/5

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