One Million tons of Fukushima’s contaminated water into sea

One Million tons of Fukushima contaminated water into sea
One Million tons of Fukushima contaminated water into sea

Japan : Fukushina nuclear Disaster

After a decade of disaster , Japan is planning to release contaminated water into the sea from the destroyed plant.

Neighboring countries like South Korea may question this and they have already stopped imports from the Fukushima region.  

The fishing industry also urged the Japanese government to re-think releasing one million tons of water into the sea which is stored in huge containers. As , release of water into the sea may take years to build the fishing industry in Japan.

Tokya Electric Power Company Holding Inc 9501.T, runs the nuclear plant and suffered multiple nuclear meltdowns after the 2011 earthquake and Tsunami.

However releasing may take a long time as the water should be filtered first. All the radioactive particles will be removed from the water before disposing it into the sea except tritium, an isotope of hydrogen as they are hard to separate and also relatively harmless.


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