Breathing correctly could kill coronavirus

Breathing correctly could kill coornavirus
Breathing correctly could kill coornavirus

There are many suggestions in and around social media for coronavirus preventions.

There is also a talk that change in lifestyle would be prevention of COVID19 by increasing one’s immunity.

The Conversation published a report saying , Breathing in through nose and exhale through mouth will be more beneficial to one’s body.

Louis J Ignarro, Nobel Prize winner in Physiology in 1998 , says that breathing is more beneficial and may kill novel coronavirus.

Nitric Oxide, which increase blood flow in lungs and levels up oxygen in blood will be generated in our body in breathing process.  The higher the oxygen saturation blood, the higher the person feels refreshed.

When nitric oxide reached directly to someone’s lungs, this blocks the replication of coronavirus in the lungs as published by news18.

Human Body constantly produce nitric oxide, which helps to form endothelium, which smoothens the muscles of arteries and prevents us from high blood pressure.


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