Penguin Review : A real thriller

Penguin Review Keerthy Suresh
Penguin Review Keerthy Suresh

Penguin Review:

Telugu Front Rating : 2.5 / 5

Keerthy Suresh strike back with lady oriented movie Penguin after ‘Mahanati’.

Penguin released in Amazon prime on June 19th , directed by Easwar Karthic.

Story : Penguin movie story is search of son named Ajay by his mother named Rhythm(Keerthy Suresh) and about Ajay behavior after coming back to home after 6 years.

Story is thriller based on series of murders done by a masked killer. The story of masked man and Kidnapper doesn’t look satisfactory.

Analysis : First half looks promising with  few well connected emotional scenes. Rhythm is 7 month pregnant women search for his elder son, who was born for her ex-husband.

Second half story is behind the silence of his son, who returned from Kidnapper after 6 years.

Climax is pale, looks like very old film. Keerthy Suresh is up to mark with her performance as pregnant women.

Music is haunting and elevated at time of key slot of story. Cinematography is feast for eye.

Director is ok, Penguin lives up to the expectations. Side actors are ok.

Over all, Penguin is surely watchable thriller. 

Telugu Front Rating : 2.5 / 5


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