Why controversies always behind Chiranjeevi ?

Why controversies always behind Chiranjeevi
Why controversies always behind Chiranjeevi

Megastar Chiranjeevi, the power of Tollywood . Mega Heroes , Almost half of the Tollywood heroes are from Chiranjeevi family.

Chiru is always polite in front of media. He is a good husband, father, guide and well wisher of tollywood.

But, why always controversies happen around Chiranjeevi?.

Chiru – Krishna : At time of Alluri Sitaramaraju.

Chiru – Mohan Babu controversy : At time of Vajrovatsava there was controversy between Chiranjeevi and Mohan  Babu. Many tollywood big-wigs entered in to the show and tried to solve the issue.

Chiru – Rajasekhar : This is a never ending topic. Rajasekhar directly talked about Chiru at MAA stage. At the end Rajasekhar stepped down and said sorry too.

Chiranjeevi – Balakrishna : This is the latest controversy about Tollywood big-wigs meet.

Gossips Around :

Chiranjeevi – Hero Suman : There were many gossips around Suman carrier graph, Which was never opened and ended up as gossips.

Chiru- Uday Kiran : There were rumors around this topic. As Uday Kiran is no more to speak about and as usual Chiranjeevi will never open upon bad. This topic ended up as gossip.

Why this always happen around Chiranjeevi , when he is so polite to everyone.

Chiranjeevi always tries to solve the issue from his issue, as which is exposed to media. Like for the recent controversy wishing Balayya Babu by saying ‘Mana Balayya’.

Is Naga Babu the inner angry voice of Chiranjeevi, this doubt arose now in many fans of telugu film industry. 


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