Gandhi Hospital : Horror Story for COVID-19 patients

TV5 manoj selfie video from gandhi hospital trembles
TV5 manoj selfie video from gandhi hospital trembles

Telangana Government has dedicated Gandhi Hospital for COVID19 turning to be horror story for coronavirus positive patients.

33 Year-old TV5 crime reporter Manoj selfie video is creating trembles. Manoj was just married a year ago and expecting a baby soon, The viral video of him heart touching.

Manoj who was tested positive few days ago has been shifted to Gandhi Hospital. He opened up about how the ventilators and facilities are provided. There is lack of oxygen supply for the patients and also no doctors were available to treat COVID19 patients.

According to doctors, Manoj died with coronavirus and comorbidities. He was suffering from bilateral penumonitis and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome(ARDS). He was also diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis.

There is a immediate need for COVID hospitals to maintain sufficient amount of oxygen for patients as the cases are increasing day by day.

Till date 142 deaths has been registered in Telangana of last 90 days. In that 19 deaths are registered in just 48hours.  Telangana death rate may increase soon because of lack of facilities provided.

Courtesy : Revathi


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