A Knight beside Princess Bed for her love

Bed Time stories Princess and Knight
Bed Time stories Princess and Knight

Long long Ago, there lived a beautiful princess by name Radha.

Princess Radha is kind hearted and young girl who is praised by everyone in the kingdom for her beauty and also raised to be the ruler.

One sunny day, Princess met the Prince and fell in love.

One Night Prince took the Princess to deep woods and asked her to pick the best flower in the dark woods. Once the princess get’s the magic flower at the woods, she felt asleep and never woke up.

Prince brought her back to the Kingdom and explained everything to the king. King was disappointed and called his minister for the solution and asked them to wake the princess Radha from sleep.

After few months, they realized that Princess would never wake up as she touched some magic flower in the woods. Immediately Prince left Radha and walked away.

Minister after much investigation got the solution, That any person who can sit beside Princess bed and wait for her beside her bed with pure heart can bring back her conscious.

Then comes the Knight with pure heart, sit besides her for years. One night when princess Radha gained her conscious and came to know the story ,what all happened.

She also came to know the love of Knight and married him.

Princess and Knight lived happily ever after.  


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